4 Tips to Protect Your Hands This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again! With Halloween behind us, Thanksgiving will be here in no time. With all holidays but perhaps more so Thanksgiving, our hands can really take a beating. Between the turkey basting and the pie dough kneading, turkey carving and backyard football, our painful hands can make it difficult to give thanks and focus on our loved ones. For this reason we wanted to take some time to prepare you to protect your hands with these quick tips!

November 6, 2019


Your loved ones would be happy to lend a HAND (literally). Find a guest who is strong and injury free and put them to work with the heavier tasks like carrying in groceries, lifting the turkey in and out of the oven, and  carving the turkey after the family recipe has been achieved!


Plan the menu out a couple weeks ahead of the big day. Choose food options that can be made 3 to 4 days ahead of time and stored in a freezer or refrigerator. Be sure to include your house cleaning as something to check off a couple days prior to the big day. Pace yourself and your hands will thank you!


Pull all of those expensive kitchen tools out of the cabinet and dust off the cob webs. Use food processors to replace prolonged chopping. Use electric can and bottle openers as well as that electric carving knife to save your thumbs.


Take time to care for yourself. If you have tried everything we have recommended and you are still having painful or swollen hands recognize it is time for a break. Find a comfortable place to kick your feet up and apply an ice pack or two to your hands. Perform only the most necessary cleaning tasks. Better yet, find some helpful guests and divide and conquer to clear the table and finish the dishes. You might also want to consider skipping Black Friday, as the physical demands of shopping (such as lifting and carrying) may not be the best thing for your hands. Use that Friday as a day to rest up so you are ready for the deals on Cyber Monday!


Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!


Author: William Payne OTR/L


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