Our Hand Therapy Facility

The therapists at Hayes Hand Center have been specially trained to utlize cutting edge techologies in their therapy programs to ensure that you, the patient, receive the maximum results possible in a short amount of time. These technologies include Fluido, ASTYM, Ultrasound & Electro Therapy and BTE rehabilitation systems.


Electrotherapy is a form of therapy used to reduce chronic and acute pain in the fingers, wrist and arm. During electrotherapy, your therapist will attach small pads to your arm through which electric signals will be transmitted. These electrical signals help relieve pain as it stops any pain signals from going to the brain. Electrotherapy also helps stimulate muscles in the hand and fingers, allowing your therapist to help you retrain your fingers after a long period of immobilty. Electrotherapy is often comined with other forms of therapy, including consitent manipulation and exercise for maximum results. 


ASTYM is a regenerative soft tissue therapy, meaning it helps heal damaged tissues in the hand and wrist and helps stimulate scar tissue to be reabsorbed back into the body. This helps with chronic pain and improves the movement and mobility of the treated areas. It is also very effective on sprains, strains, and other acute soft tissue injuries.


Fluidotherapy units utilize a stream of heated air gently flowing through fine particles, creating pockets of air to provide a powerful massaging action that heats and stimulates the treated area, providing many therapeutic benefits. Fluidotherapy is excellent at relieving pain and helping heat and relax the fingers and hand before your hand therapy treatment. Our therapists also use Fluidotherapy to stimulate the tissue after a patient has suffered an amputation. 

BTE Rehabilitation 

BTE is a specialized machine used by our hand therapists to help mimic tasks that you will need to be able to perform at home or at work which can range from gripping handles to lifting objects. BTE is also used to objectively measure your progress through your therapy program to help evaluate and adjust your therapy program if needed.