Wrist Tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis is a common condition characterized by irritation and inflammation of a tendon in or around the wrist joint and will typically occur where a tendon crosses over a bone.

Symptoms of Wrist Tendonitis

Pain (general or specific to a certain point), tenderness and swelling are common with wrist tendonitis. You may notice a “clicking or popping” that is painful when moving the wrist. The pain may subside to a point once someone has “warmed up”.

Symptoms of wrist tendonitis will usually include pain. This pain can be generalized in one area or can be sharp and easily pinpointed to one location. Tenderness and swelling are also common symptoms of tendonitis. When moving the affected joint you may also notice a painful clicking or popping sensation. If you are using the wrist for extended periods at a time the pain may subside to a point once the wrist has 'warmed up'.

Causes of Wrist Tendonitis

Most commonly, wrist tendonitis occurs as a result of repetitive or prolonged forces on the wrist during activity. Activities may include manual labor, or sports that place a significant amount of strain on the wrist (gymnastics/cheerleading, racquet sports, golf, baseball/softball).

Your Treatment Options

For many cases of wrist tendonitis non surgical treatments are effective. Your hand therapist can fabricate a custom fit splint to immobilize and support your wrist. Along with wearing a splint you may be able to take anti-inflammatory medication to help with the symptoms of tendonitis. If the symptoms do not improve, your hand surgeon may administer a series of cortisone injections in the affected area. For more accute cases of wrist tendonitis surgical intervention may be necessary. Following surgery you will work with a hand therapist to help facilitate regaining regular use of your hand.