Tendon Injuries

 Tendons typically lie just under the skin (particularly in the hand) and even a small cut may sever a tendon causing severe injury. Two types of tendons found in the hand include the extensor tendons, found on the back of the hand and wrist, and work

 to straighten (extend) the fingers, thumb and wrist while flexor tendons are found on the palm side of the hand and wrist and bend (flex) the fingers, thumb and wrist. 

Symptoms of Tendon Injuries

The most common symptoms of tendon injuries include the inability to bend or straighten the affected joints in the hands and fingers. 

Causes of Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries are commonly caused by deep cuts or lacerations to the hand and wrist or by sports injuries or excessive force placed on the hand. These can be caused by work and auto accidents or falls. 

Your Treatment Options 

The treatment for tendon injuries vary greatly depending on the tendon injured and the extent of the injury. Your hand surgeon will work closely with your hand therapist to determine which combination of surgery and therapy is right for you.